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Workshop at the ICT Day – “Mind the Gap”

We’ve concluded 2018 with the exciting networking event MIND THE GAP, organized by our partner IN S.r.l at the last ICT Day in Vienna, Austria, on 4 December 2018. The goal was to find a common language between science and business to foster innovation.

The hot topics of our panel discussion were about the common struggles of scientists approaching business, the role of venture capitalists in this ecosystem, the best strategies to bridge the gap between early-stage disruptive technologies and the creation of successful start-ups.

Four speakers were invited to confront significant questions:
VIOREL PECA, Head of Unit Future Emerging Technologies – DG CONNECT, European Commission;
LORENZO MORETTI Associate and Venture Capital Investor Invitalia Ventures SGR;
HAROLD P. DE VLADAR CEO of Ribbon Biolabs and Synthetic Biologist;
ANDREA ZORZETTO Managing Partner, Italy Plug & Play